The 52-Week Project

FREE (holla!)

It's easy to fall off the creative writing bandwagon when bosses and deadlines, partners and friends all clamor for your attention.

What would happen if you opened yourself to deepening your writing practice?

You might learn your creativity stretches beyond the genre by which you've confined yourself. Or maybe you'll discover a new character rattling around your brain while you're brushing your teeth, a brewing story you never knew you had.

By making writing your ritual, and cultivating some reverence for your writing time, not only will your creativity evolve but so will your end product.

Your writing prompts and tips have been so effective for stimulating my own writing. Please keep inspiring our efforts. And, thank you so much.
— 52-Week Project community member

This is an invitation to The 52-Week Project. Join me, on your time, in one free creative writing prompt each week -- only one -- to step outside your current creative project and try your hand at something stimulating and new. All I ask is that you take 15 minutes, on your own time, to let yourself be inspired by the emailed prompt. It won't detract from your manuscript in progress. It will only help you grow.

And that's it!

Let's take this journey together and challenge ourselves with 52 writing prompts over the next 52 weeks.

I can't wait to see what we create.