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I'd like to round up all the job-seekers in the world and offer, "Here, dears, let me fix that for you." As someone who worked on a hiring team for years, there are some bad résumés out there.

Don't use application materials that make the hiring manager barf.

It's possible to have a modern, comprehensive résumé and clear, compelling cover letter of which you can be proud without the stress of wondering whether your materials are helping you stand out in a good way.

Resume example
Resume example
Resume example

What are my takeaways?

  • We'll start with a phone or email conversation about why you need new materials and the type of job for which you're applying. It's helpful to have a specific job in mind, so I can tailor the content for that role, but we can work in general terms, too.

  • A brand-new résumé with a modern design and action verbs to highlight your expertise and abilities. Let's celebrate you.

  • A cover letter explaining what the company you want to be part of needs and how you're the very person to fill those needs.

What's life like having someone else write my résumé and cover letter?

  • Relax: I got you here. I've created résumés and cover letters from scratch, so even if your work history exists only on a bar napkin, I can conjure up documents to move you forward.

  • You don't have to empty your pockets to get new job materials when you're already looking for a job because you don't make enough money. That's completely loony to me and why I keep the cost of this type of work so low. I had a client once who said another writer quoted him $750 for a new résumé, and I may have wept for him. With me, you get a low cost without sacrificing quality. I promise. I want you to win.

Katie is fast, reliable and awesome, to put it bluntly. Within three days, I received a completed résumé and cover letter, both top notch and outstanding. When I needed a couple of changes, she was fast and got them back to me. Awesome work, and I would recommend her to anyone. I’m excited to see what the future is going to bring me with my new résumé!!
— Brock S.
Katie has been super professional, super responsive, and my personal documents are more indicative of my career history than any service I’ve used previously!
— Edward H.

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If you're ready to have your résumé ($200) or your résumé + cover letter ($275) created:

You'll notice that the only way to reach me is by email instead of directly purchasing packages online. That's because I feel there's tons of value in having a conversation first about your project's goals: I get a feel for your voice, you get a feel for mine, and then we decide to be friends forever.

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