Once Upon A Time, The End


You've had a really great idea for a short story for months now, but you're afraid to get started. What if the magic doesn't happen? What if you're no good at writing? What if, what if, right?

I know that feeling. I've been there, and I can help.

It took me six years to finish my first short story collection because of fear, that rude and slimy voice in your head whispering on repeat, "You can't. Other people can, but you? You can't."

Let's squish fear. (Your anthropomorphic picture of fear is a slug, too, right?)

What are my takeaways?

  • You and I are in this thing together. We'll work 1:1 over four weeks to take your story idea from just that -- only a general idea floating out there about a guy who goes to a place and does a thing -- to a complete tale. One month. I believe in you.
  • Over the course of that month, we'll email back and forth about your progress, your phrasings, voice, character development, pacing, all of it.
  • We'll have two 30-minute Google Hangouts or phone calls to talk through your piece's progress.

What's life like after Once Upon A Time, The End?

  • You have a complete story. When people ask what type of writing you do, you can flip your hair and tell them you're a writer.
  • You have a piece to send to literary magazines and literary agents or to self-publish so other readers can discover your genius.
  • You've taken seriously and invested in your work.

Katie Lewis has a critiquing style that is detailed, comprehensive, positive and constructive. Outstanding job editing a portion of my novella. I can say, most confidently, I will be using Katie whenever I need a professional editor.
— Dan C.

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Once Upon A Time, The End is $300. Give me a shout with where you are in your project -- Maybe you only have the story idea percolating with nothing on the page or you're figuring out a heroic couplet rhyme scheme for your epic narrative poem. No matter where you are, I'll meet you there and coach you to the end. I prefer manuscripts be 12-pt, double-spaced Times New Roman with .75"-1" margins, but I can format them on my end. You just do the hard work of writing.

If you're ready to do the damn thing and bring your story to life:

You'll notice that the only way to reach me is by email instead of directly purchasing online. That's because I feel there's tons of value in having a conversation first about your project's goals: I get a feel for your voice, you get a feel for mine, and then we decide to be friends forever.

Sound good? Hit that button above, and let's get to it!