On retainer


You don't need a coach all the time, but when you're feeling down in the dumps or stuck on a plot point or like you could kick a puppy (whoa, slow down), I'm here for you.

We can work through this, friend. Back away from that puppy.

By having a writing coach on retainer, you have an on-board champion for your work -- whether it's a novel you've been working on, a novella that literary magazines have suggested you revise, your grandmother's memoir or any other creative piece that could use professional guidance.

What are my takeaways?

  • Each month, I'm here to either review up to 5,000 words of your written product or have a 30-minute review session on Google Hangout or over the phone -- your choice. You can vary your needs month to month, and we can talk specifics if you experienced a writing frenzy (aren't those just the bomb?) and need more than 5,000 words reviewed.
    I'll just tell you now: I don't charge more for 6,000 words. 10,000, let's talk real quick, but I'm not here to nickel and dime you. What I'm really here for, what I really, really want, is for your writing to be outstanding. I can help make it so, on demand.

What's life like with an editor on retainer?

  • There's no scrambling. I work on a short turnaround to finesse your project so you can move on with the next chapter -- whether that's, literally, the next chapter in your book or simply the rest of your day.
  • You can feel confident that you've had a set of eagle eyes on your writing so you won't be surprised, embarrassed and have some explaining to do about how you still, after all this time, don't know your "there" from your "their." There, there. Katie's here.
  • You've taken seriously and invested in your work while being mindful of today's publishing pace.

Katie is a dream to work with. Her time is reasonably priced, the turn-around time was quick, and deliverables spectacularly well thought-out. Katie worked with me on creating a style guide for a website. I’ve struggled finding writers who can be exposed to information, understand the style, and then adapt it. Katie is truly someone who ‘just gets it.’
— Amanda R.

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Having a writing coach on retainer is $150/month, and there's a minimum three-month commitment. That's to keep my other client bookings in check: If I know you may need me, I can guarantee you're penciled into my schedule (it's no cliché: I use a .7mm mechanical pencil in my Mead Cambridge planner).

If you're ready to start a 1:1 relationship with someone who's on call and cheering for your success:

You'll notice that the only way to reach me is by email instead of directly purchasing packages online. That's because I feel there's tons of value in having a conversation first about your project's goals: I get a feel for your voice, you get a feel for mine, and then we decide to be friends forever.

Sound good? Hit that button above, and let's get to it!