Email newsletter


You don't need to send an email to your subscribers every day, but when you do, it always seems like you need to now. Like, right now. Like, WHEN AM I GOING TO FIND TIME TO DO THIS?

Yoo-hoo! Here I am!

I worked in email marketing for years, learning the ins and outs of the U.S. Can-Spam Act and the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation. I know which subject lines get more opens, where to place calls to action and how to optimize your content for mobile. Oh, and I'm a trained, educated and published content marketer and creative writer. I can help!

What are my takeaways?

  • Send me the information you want to include in your email -- it might be as sparse as "We have this new product and want people to buy it" -- and I'll write your email's content in your brand's voice.
  • I'll create compelling calls to action to point recipients to the links they should click and the info they should share with you. It's almost like hypnosis, but without the pocket watch.
  • I'll focus on the subject line so you land more email opens, getting your message in front of more people.
  • Two days after hiring me, your email is ready to be sent, and you can move on with your life -- probably on to juggling the loads of new orders you just received, care of that spiffy email.

What's life like having someone else write my email newsletter?

  • Like a spa: You get all of the pleasure without someone touching your feet. OK, not exactly, but you do get to reap the rewards of a professional email marketing campaign without sweating over it.
  • You can rest assured that someone who knows her stuff is handling the email component of your marketing outreach.

If you're ready to have your email newsletter written for $150 so you can send it in two (!) days:

You'll notice that the only way to reach me is by email instead of directly purchasing packages online. That's because I feel there's tons of value in having a conversation first about your project's goals: I get a feel for your voice, you get a feel for mine, and then we decide to be friends forever.

Sound good? Hit that button above, and let's get to it!