Choosing a professional editor is personal. It's like the undergarments your plot drapes over, and you don't want just anyone seeing you in your skivvies. I won't go too far with this analogy, but if you get the structural underpinnings wrong, then the whole thing sags. We're all grownups and aware of what I'm talking about here, right?

I love editing. I love diagramming sentences. I love fixing comma splices, correcting plot inconsistencies and rearranging words.

But despite all that, I'm no nerd, and people seem to take to me.

If you're too close to your material to see the work needed or your Achilles heel is editing, that doesn't make you any less of a writer -- Not all eyeballs are created equally, and I just happen to have a set of eagle eyes fixated on editing work. I've edited daily journalism, novellas, short stories, children's books, academic papers, website copy, marketing pamphlets, skincare websites, dog blogs and more than I can recall. I'd love to help edit your work next, if you're looking for someone to make your project shiny and perfect.

What are my takeaways?

  • Editing includes developmental editing (for creative work, that's pacing, plot and characters), proofreading (cosmetic errors) and copyediting (comprehensive restructuring). Some editors charge separately for each of these, and I think that's a load of bologna. A load of it, I say. I can't edit one without the other, and it would be a disservice to your writing project to try to nickel and dime you when what you need is an overall editing of your piece as a whole.

  • Your piece will be ready for publication, authoritatively edited by someone who won't just say nice things because she's your friend (though I hope to be).

  • You'll learn about the craft of writing by seeing what I correct so that your future work will need less editing (meaning less cost for you!).

  • Once your piece is published, I've love love love to share it on social media and talk you up. It's really exciting to see pieces I've edited go from draft to done, and sometimes I can't help but shout about you.

What's life like with an editor?

  • There's zero room for error when you submit your writing for publication. I'll make sure there's no embarrassing grammar error and that your characters' names don't change their spelling midway through (it's been known to happen!).

  • Your writing will be polished so it shines, error-free, while retaining your unique voice.

  • You have a partner here for all those questions that begin "What do you think about ...", "What if we tried ..." and "How about if we ..." Let's work together through those ideas.

  • Depending on your preference, I'll use Word's Track Changes or Google's Suggestions and Comments so you can see my changes and decide if you like them: You may have made a stylistic decision that's specific to your voice that you want to retain, and I respect that.

Katie Lewis has a critiquing style that is detailed, comprehensive, positive and constructive. Outstanding job editing a portion of my novella. I can say, most confidently, I will be using Katie whenever I need a professional editor.
— Dan C.
She helped edit a children’s book for me. She was very responsive and helpful and left me feeling confident with the changes and suggestions. Thank you!
— Victoria D.
Katie helped edit my new book The Danger of Sinkhole Faith, which is about my transition as a military spouse. She was thoughtful in responding, reassuring, fast turnaround and a great value for her price. I would recommend her to friends and will use her on my next book. Thanks, Katie!
— Tiffany I.

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Editing is $50/hour. Give me a shout with your exact word count and the first 10 pages of your piece, and I'll share an estimate based on its length and condition. I prefer manuscripts be 12-pt, double-spaced Times New Roman with .75"-1" margins, but I can format them on my end. You just do the hard work of writing the dang thing.

If you're ready to start a 1:1 relationship with an editor:

You'll notice that the only way to reach me is by email instead of directly purchasing packages online. That's because I feel there's tons of value in having a conversation first about your project's goals: I get a feel for your voice, you get a feel for mine, and then we decide to be friends forever.

Sound good? Hit that button above, and let's get to it!