The differences between writing to sell & writing to build community

Selling a product no longer looks like pushing out ad after ad. Instead, it's about building relationships, even friendships, with your consumers -- relating to them and reminding them that you aren't just a company but real people and personalities who exist behind the company and relate to their customers.

This is why, as writers, we need to know the difference between writing to sell and writing to build community -- and the benefits to prioritizing the latter.

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The complete guide to outsourcing your content marketing

Consumers are looking to build relationships with brands they trust, and that requires an ongoing conversation -- one that continues on your company blog, in your social feed, over email and beyond.

Many businesses and marketers struggle to keep up with the demand for new content. Outsourcing that content's creation is one solution to continue building customer relationships while keeping your wits about you.

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How to have positive client relationships: 5 tips the experts swear by

While most of my clients are pinch-myself-fantastic, I've had my share of unpleasant collaborations. Rather than grumbling on sites where others share the dumb, rude, thoughtless sentences their know-nothing clients have uttered, I've tried to make it a learning opportunity to help attract well-meaning, knowledgeable clients moving forward.

That's why I reached out to five established writers and marketers to get their take on what makes for a positive client relationship.

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