The anti-ick guide to building your brand as a writer

What I really, really want this year is admittedly huge and will have the longest-lasting impact on my writing life: I want to define my writing brand and orient my work toward that end.

Before you ick out over the word "brand" when it's applied to a creative craft, let me share how I'm defining this: I want to figure out who I am as a writer, what my voice sounds like, the type of stories I want to tell, the messages I want to impart. Phew, that's a big one. But I think it's time.

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The lowdown on self-publishing from 3 writers who've been there

Self-publishing is a way to gain readers for writers either immobilized by the traditional publishing process or thwarted by the constant rejection. There are benefits to self-publishing that go beyond cash money, though, and I picked the brains of three self-published authors to learn the ins and outs. Meet and learn from here!

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Where are you in your writing?

For the last six months, I've committed myself to a running practice. It's an evolution, as is any new practice, and I read today how new runners should start where they are instead of looking at the end goal -- say, running a marathon. Creatives are so hard on and expect so much out of themselves, wanting to publish their first novel before they've written a word. What would it feel like if instead, you took only today, and focused on making time for writing instead of finding time?

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